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Sitting volleyball

Patrick Barkham has this report on 7/7 survivor Martine Wright's debut for Britain in this morning's sitting volleyball match against Ukraine.

Martine Wright (centre) celebrates a point with Victoria Widdup in their women's sitting volleyball match against Ukraine at the Paralympic Games this morning. Photograph: Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images
British national paper provides a feature on the Inspirational sportswoman of the Year: Martine Wright. Martine Wright proudly wears the number 7 shirt for the GB women's sitting volleyball team at the Paralympics - seven after the 7/7 bombings

More pictures and an interview can be found on:

Terror attack survivor now a Paralympian

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7/7 survivor Martine Wright fulfils Paralympic 'destiny'

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A series of photos and a newstory by the Washington Post on US Women Sititng Volleyball's Kari Miller.

The Guardian puts another article on sitting volleyball. this time the focus is on the Rwandan team as they play their match against Brazil.


James Rutikanga and Emile Vuningabo of Rwanda try to block the ball during a pool B match against Brazil at the ExCel. Photograph: Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images