SittingVolleyball.info is a website hosted on a free server with the aim to host information related to sitting volleyball. 


To use the site, there are three headers that can be used as main navigation tools.

1. 'Book'.

This part of the website gives you details about a book on sitting volleyball. It is used as extra resources that complement the book titled; 'When Sitting is Not Resting: Sitting volleyball'.

2. 'News'. 

Items are summaries of news and peices of information that get put up on the website.

3. 'Media'.

Exhibits are major competitions that have substantial amount of news, media and photo attention. Once finding the desired 'exhibit', click on it to explore what type of information is available on it. 

4. 'Browse Collections'.

(At the bottom of the page) Collections are a way of grouping 'items', in that way it is easier to find related materials.

If you find anything incorrect or would like to submit something, get in contact by emailing info(at)sittingvolleyball.info (opens up a new window).


Recently, the World Organisation of Volleyball for the Disabled (WOVD) has had problems with the website and management of information, furthermore, there seemed to be a lack of a dedicated resource whereby information about sitting volleyball can be shared in a uniform language, such as english. 

As such, this is the website that hopes to fill this gap. It is an 'unofficial' site, and tries to take its information from various sources while remaining ethical towards the sitting volleyball community. If there are any views that come out from the site, these are the opinions of the contributors.